House K. in Hafnarfjördur

The site south of Reykjavík is distinguished by its magnificent view across the surroundings. The building area has been opened up for detached houses only in the last few years – a typical case of urban sprawl, which has put a ‘choke hold’ on the rural character of the neighbouring communities surrounding the capital’s periphery.

The house is entered on the northern side – also the side with the view – through a half-buried ground floor that also incorporates the garage. The site rises steeply to the south, which is why the living floor is actually one level higher. The single-run, open staircase divides the space into kitchen, dining and living areas, as well as the bedrooms. The kitchen and dining area have access onto a terrace to the south. This is a U-shaped court that offers some protection from the wind, which blows just about all the time. The terrace is also where the small swimming pool is found – a round plunge basin, filled with hot water, which Icelanders will not do without.

A clerestory rises above the flat roof and provides added illumination to the living room in the few hours of winter daylight. The external character of the building is determined mainly by black weatherboarding, which contrasts strongly with the white painted metal frames of the windows.


Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei, Stuttgart, Germany

Construction period:
2009 – 2010

Hafnarfjördur, Republic of Iceland


Lederer, Arno / Ragnarsdóttir, Jórunn / Oei, Marc (Hg.):
Lederer   Ragnarsdóttir  Oei 1.
Jovis Verlag Berlin 2012


Arno Lederer, Stuttgart, Germany