Our office was founded in 1979 and currently has about 50 employees. For the entire duration of the work process we work in small teams to generate a high level of intensity and identification with our projects.

Besides dealing with ongoing projects, regular participation in competitions is essential to our work. Aside from being a chance for a new commission, it is an occasion for a stimulating and profound examination of a present-day challenge.

Sketches showing a first general concept, a precise analysis of the area and working models are all essential steps.

Among the competitions won in recent years are the Historical Museum in Frankfurt a.M., the Office and Business House Kaiserkarree in Karlsruhe and the Municipal Museum in Stuttgart. Also the Educational Centre in Lörrach, the Cloister Hegne Marianum in Allensbach, the Art Museum in Ravensburg, the Diocesan Curia and archive in Rottenburg and the Hospitalhof in Stuttgart are all important projects for us which were acquired by competition.